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The trinity is back!

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman - Back In Trinity #1Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman - Back In Trinity #1

The DC Trinity is back! Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman - the greatest heroes the DC Universe has ever known - united against all new threats! Writer/artist Francis Manapul brings DC readers the must have Rebirth title 'Trinity #1'!

“BETTER TOGETHER” part 1! Together again for the first time! Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The core of the World's Greatest Heroes…but with a new Man of Steel, the bonds these three share will be tested and redefined by super-star writer/artist Francis Manapul.

Other comics out this week

Issue #5 of Marvel's blockbuster Civil War II series hits shelves this week! The devastating fallout from the first half of this event is enormous and being felt in every corner of the Marvel Universe. The truth about Ulysses’ future-seeing power is revealed and it is a game changer. Sides are irrevocably drawn and the gauntlet is thrown for the biggest battle in Marvel Universe history. And that’s just the stuff we can tell you. All this, and the story goes galactic!

DC's all new Rebirth line of comic books continues this week with the debut of Cyborg #1! Cyborg is thrown into conflict with every robotic threat to the DC Universe as a brand new era begins for Victor Stone, courtesy of writer John Semper Jr. (Spider-Man: The Animated Series) and artist Will Conrad (Angel & Faith)! Don't miss the first issue of this brand new series starring the Justice League's half man half robot hero - Cyborg!

Everybody's favourite teen titan gets her very own stand alone series debutting this week! In a tale set between Teen Titans #24 and Teen Titans: Rebirth #1, Raven takes a break from the team and moves to San Francisco to stay with her estranged aunt and face her most perilous challenge yet: high school! As Raven discovers more about her human side, one of her classmates goes missing under mysterious circumstances, and she must face an evil like none she’s known before! Don't miss DC Comic's Raven #1!

Trade of the week

This week's trade of the week is Marvel Comics' "Power Man and Iron Fist Trade Paperback Volume 1 - Boys Are Back In Town"!

The best buddy team in comics, reunited at last! Luke Cage and Danny Rand, the Heroes for Hire turned Avengers, are going back to street-level basics - and there's a mystery to solve that will draw in crime lords, hired goons and old friends! But which of the three pose the most trouble? The Big Apple may end up poisoned by magic unless Luke and Danny can put a stop to whoever is wielding the mystical Supersoul Stone! Business starts to boom, with a flurry of big-hitting, kung-fu-fighting action. But when a second Civil War splits the Marvel Universe down the middle, will Power Man and Iron Fist be on the same side, or will a fine bromance end? Luke brings the power, Danny brings the fists - you bring the snacks!

Iron Man - Hulkbuster from Kotobukiya

Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" hit the big screen earlier this year and wowed audiences with the spectacle of the Iron Man: Hulkbuster armour! Now, thanks to Kotobukiya, you can recreate the iconic Hulk vs Hulkbuster clash with their ArtFX+ Hulkbuster figure! Built on a base which connects with their previous Hulk ArtFX+ release, the Hulkbuster forms the second half of this must have diorama!

  • Detailed sculpt based off the Hulk vs Iron Man Hulkbuster fight in Avengers: Age of Ultron!
  • In scale with the rest of Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ line

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July Lobo's Loot Winner

The 'BoAre you gonna claim the stash, bastich?

The winner for this month's Lobo's Loot is Adrian S/O #394!