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Iron Man - Hulkbuster from Kotobukiya

Hulk squaring off with the Hulkbuster from KotobukiyaHulk squaring off with the Hulkbuster from Kotobukiya

Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" hit the big screen earlier this year and wowed audiences with the spectacle of the Iron Man: Hulkbuster armour! Now, thanks to Kotobukiya, you can recreate the iconic Hulk vs Hulkbuster clash with their ArtFX+ Hulkbuster figure! Built on a base which connects with their previous Hulk ArtFX+ release, the Hulkbuster forms the second half of this must have diorama!

  • Detailed sculpt based off the Hulk vs Iron Man Hulkbuster fight in Avengers: Age of Ultron!
  • In scale with the rest of Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ line

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Captain America: White #2 on shelves this week!

Captain America: White #2 (of 5) Front CoverCaptain America: White #2 (of 5) Front Cover

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's Captain America: White #2 hits shelves this week! Following the others in their Marvel Colour series (Hulk: Grey, Spider-Man: Blue, Daredevil: Yellow), Captain America: White tells an untold story from Cap and Bucky's past set in World War 2. According to "Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s combination of in-depth characterization and high stakes takes on one of Captain America’s most dangerous missions of all!"

CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY are ready to lead the HOWLING COMMANDOS, but are the HOWLING COMMANDOS ready to follow? Things go from bad to worse and only Bucky can save the day! Will a shocking appearance from an old ally turn the tide of battle?

Other comics out this week

Issue #6 of Neil Gaiman's critically (and fan) acclaimed series "The Sandman: Overture" lands on shelves this week. The final issue of the Eisner Award-nominated series is a sweep of science fictional beauty and madness. Featuring cameos by some of Morpheus’s favorite siblings, the grand finale of Overture dovetails into the start of The Sandman’s first journey, providing new insight into The Sandman - Preludes And Nocturnes.

Mysteries are revealed in this week's Green Lantern Annual #4! What is the origin of Hal Jordan's new ship? Where did Hal get his new Green Lantern look? What happened to Hal before the Green Lantern Corps disappeared and he was being hunted by them? Plus, a new force in the universe rises to take the place of the Green Lantern Corps! Don't miss the revelations in Robert Venditti and Pascal Alixe's 48-page Green Lantern Annual!

Dark Horse's "Colder" is back this week with "Colder: Toss The Bones" (a new mini-series from writer Paul Tobin). Declan has gone from a mere human to a reluctant hero—all while the subject of the horrific machinations of the monstrous creature Nimble Jack. But our hero’s trials have only begun, as Jack flits freely between Boston and a deranged and dark reality known as the Hungry World, uniting agents of madness with only one purpose: to slaughter and consume Declan!!

Trade of the week

This week's featured book is the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 5 Hardcover!

The Guardians of the Galaxy are caught in the pull of the Black Vortex! With the Slaughter Lords hot on their tails, the X-Men and the Guardians must find somewhere to stash their precious cargo, but will the temptation of the Vortex's unknown power be too much for this band of misfits? Rocket leaps into action! Gamora goes on the offensive! Ronan is deposed! Star-Lord is defiant! This story has it all - but does it seem like the Guardians have forgotten something in all the cosmic craziness? Peter got elected president of Spartax!

COLLECTING: Guardians of the Galaxy (2013) #24-27 and Annual (2015) #1

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