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Brief history and evolution of the Comic Shop

History, life and its mysteries

Shoppers at the shop, and at the back... Crank up that contrabulous fabtraption and spin your travels into a little journey down memory lane and back into the light of present day.

The country, Australia. The state, New South Wales. The suburb, Liverpool. The answer to everything, 42.

From little things, big things grow and lo, in the year of 1994, the earth did shift and erupt with the birth of a little store on the corner of George Street.

Wading through the stink fest boom of card collecting and comicbook speculators in the early to mid 90s was a tough time for many. Especially for those swimming in waters pulped by the million copies of the Death of Superman.

Super hero happy hour

Battling forth the murky waters of the cottage cheese comic book retail industry in Australia, the Comic Shop fought and hung by tooth and nail in the ring. No spit bucket can ever be large enough.

Raiding the jungle wilds, hunters from the store carried out some less than black ops to bring back heads and oddities.

Amassing the collection of busts, statues, horror merchandise and The Simpsons was not without its problems.

Breaking out the TARDIS

Eating more than was capable of being contained in the standard ribs, the interior levels of the store rocketed skyward. Or at least as far as the ceiling allowed.

Branching up and out with shelves on shelves, the kick of fear shuddered the dam walls.

In August of 2006, due to Time Lord technology being unavailable on the free (or even the black) markets, it was prime time to transport the Comic Shop out from its original location of 207 and into 10a/170, next to Liverpool Library.

Since then it's been cranking out the happy, happy, joy, joy for readers, casual fans, the curious and even those of a strange affair.

where the people do roam...

Licking the menu

the Comic Shop has evolved along with their fine culinary choices for products and merchandise alongside the standard four-colour fare of comic books. If we don't have it, we'll track it down like a jaffa rolling down the aisles.

From The Simpsons to head knockers and classic back issues to action figures the range just grows month on month and doesn't look like ever taking a breath to consume itself.

Loaded to the gills with action (figures), expertise and a plethora of eyeballs trapped behind blister packs.

Drop by some time, hang out and chill with the crew and other fans.

Action figures, comicbooks...