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Privacy policy of the Comic Shop

This gear here outlines the privacy statement that applies and adorns itself to this glorious beast of a website you are currently viewing.

the Comic Shop, located at 10a/170 George Street, Liverpool NSW Australia is the owner of this site, and all that seeps into its cracks.

Purpose and porpoises

So basically, this explains what information we collect from you and what we do with it, if anything at all. Carry on dear reader, for it is a quick document to peruse indeed.

Email addresses

Whenever you send an email to this site it will only be used for direct reply and contact. Those who sign up for the mailing list will only be sent messages from us keeping you up-to-date on our movements and any specials we may have on offer.

We keep all the email addresses like a leprechaun does his pot of gold, never ever willing to give it up to anyone or any other organisation.


We don't use cookies at all on this site. So if you find one that purports to be from us, it's lying and you should crush it into crumbs like the Cookie Monster has taught you. He is king after all.

Corrections, removals and evictions

If at any time you wish to correct the information we hold about you, all you need do is contact us. Similarly, if you would like to have your email address removed, do the same.

Contact us

Got questions about the privacy policy? Then reach us at any of the means below:

the Comic Shop

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Phone: +612 9601 2622
Fax: +612 9601 2855
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