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Bags, boards, boxes and blisters

Comic bags and boards, not to mention the boxes, all here at the Comic Shop.

bags, boards and boxes

Danger lurks ahead, prepare for the battles to come

Don't let the ravages of time, fingers dipped in Vegemite or the drool of a long day's reading session ruin possible repeats. Along the trail of bagging, boarding and boxing comics, rest assured that with a chance in times yet to come, their value will be as good as a source of readable material.

Safe like a condom, strong as a stiff board

bags and boards Don't suffer the shock of one day finding your comics mingling with the street press and catalogues without your knowledge. Take the time to preserve their state by slipping them into nice and comfortable polybags.

Whether they be from the Golden or Silver Age or from the Bronze to now, there's a size to fit them all.

Sclerosis and wrinkles can be unsightly mars on an otherwise fine face and body. For extra support, consider bracing the comics with an acid-free backing board. Better safe than sorry is the charm.

Wheeljack says, "Home is where the comicbook heart is"

short box, long box, almost a medium box After a long and hard fought day amongst the fray, comicbooks and magazines sometimes would just like to call home into a nice, cool dry place to sleep and rest, ready to recharge for another day.

Hermetically sealed vaults dripping with state-of-the-art security systems -- armed to the teeth with moth and mould attacking killer bees with microscopic mind control helmets -- might be beyond the reach of most people. Doesn't mean your comics and magazines still would't want to have some place to call their own.

Either as pre-existing model homes made on the lot or folded and ready for setting up off-site, short and long boxes are the ideal location.

Safe, sturdy and stackable like a pyramid of POWs.