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Busting out with no holds barred


Body language experts would have that those who converse with arms crossed over their chest are being defensive. Those who choose not to engage weary more on the anti-social meter.

Pity and question then the plethora of characters immortalised in bust. As many of their brethren and comrades have seen, those who choose to open up lose their arms.


Perhaps. But at least those that are guarded remained armed for future battles.

Stare me down?

Peruse the gallery of mini busts

Faces trading spaces courtesy of Bowen Designs, Moore Creations, DC Direct, Marvel Select and more.

Busts of confidence: Power brokers of industry

Industry heavy weights from across the board

From the east coast to the west coast, heroes and villains of major repute. Whether it be as part of a team or fighting the fight (good or bad) as part of a one person team, it's all part of the road to success or infamy. Keynote speakers will be on hand at a special conference to impart their knowledge, wisdom and experience in the field of industry they know best.


Recent additions to the bust line up

  • DC Bombshells Wonder Woman

  • DC Bombshells Supergirl

  • Battle Armour Thor - Bowen Designs

  • Modern Thor - Bowen Designs

  • Beta Ray Bill - Bowen Designs

  • Nick Fury - Bowen Designs

  • Dr Strange - Bowen Designs

  • Bullseye - Bowen Designs

  • Green Goblin - Bowen Designs

  • Iron Fist Green Version - Bowen Designs

  • Iron Fist Red Version - Bowen Designs

  • Namor - Bowen Designs

  • Captain Marvel '70s - Bowen Designs

  • Silver Surfer - Bowen Designs

  • Black Panther - Bowen Designs

  • Red Hulk - Bowen Designs

  • Zombie Mysterio - Gentle Giant

  • Batman: Dark Knight Returns

  • Deadshot

  • Harley Quinn 2nd Release

    The Fantastic Four, with fiends and friends

    • it is not a tumour
      Attuma - Bowen Designs
    • Doctor Doom
      Marvel Icons: Doctor Doom - Diamond Select

    • Thing Mini Head Bust - Diamond Select

    Marvel's Royal family: The Inhumans

    • Gorgon
      Gorgon - Bowen Designs
    • Karnak
      Karnak - Bowen Designs
    • Lockjaw
      Lockjaw - Bowen Designs
    • Triton
      Triton - Bowen Designs

    Mighty Avengers & Evil Do-ers

    • Baron Zemo - Bowen Designs

    • Goliath - Bowen Designs

    • Bucky - Bowen Designs
    • Part man, part atlantean, part tigershark
      Tigershark - Bowen Designs

    • Constrictor - Bowen Designs
    • Baron Blood
      Baron Blood - Bowen Designs

    • Scarlet Witch - Bowen Designs
    • Clint
      Hawkeye - Bowen Designs
    • Baron Blood
      Grey Gargoyle - Bowen Designs
    • Baron Blood by Bowen Designs
      Kang - Bowen Designs
    • Assemble
      Super Adaptoid - Bowen Designs
    • Retro costumed Wasp by Bowen Designs
      Wasp (Retro) - Bowen Designs
    • Wasp in modern costume by Bowen Designs
      Wasp (Modern) - Bowen Designs

    Mutant Mob: X-Men

    • Original X-Men - 5 character set

    • Angel Blue Costume - Bowen Designs

    • Cannonball - Bowen Designs
    • is well liquored up
      Cyclops (new version) - Diamond Select

    • Mystique - Bowen Designs

    • Psylocke - Bowen Designs

    • Magneto - Bowen Designs
    • Cyclops
      New X-men: Cyclops - Diamond Select
    •  mutant's killing machine
      Danger: Astonishing X-men - Diamond Select

    • Emma Frost

    • Longshot - Bowen Designs
    • Weapon X
      Weapon X - Bowen Designs

    Department H, Canadian Superheroes: Alpha Flight

    • same, but different
      Snowbird - Bowen Designs
    • Know the name!
      Snowbird - Diamond Select
    • I feel like a yeti
      Snowbird (Sasquatch) - Bowen Designs
    • hairy?
      Sasquatch - Diamond Select

    The Hulk Sandwich - now with more mayo

    • Doc Samson
      Doc Samson - Bowen Designs

    Spider-Man and not so friends

    • Goblin - Bowen Designs
    • Mayday Parker
      Spider-Girl Double Pack - Regular and Black costumes!
    • back in black!
      Black Symbiote Spider-man - Bowen Designs
    • Otto Octavius
      Doctor Octopus - Bowen Designs
    • curse on the webslinger!
      J. Jonah Jameson - Diamond Select
    • Rhino
      Rhino - Diamond Select
    • shock this!
      Shocker - Bowen Designs

    Space Invaders

    • Captain Marvel
      Captain Marvel - Bowen Designs
    • Captain Marvel Mod
      Captain Marvel Modern - Bowen Designs
    • it's getting hot in here
      Frankie Raye Nova - Bowen Designs
    • nice and shiny blade
      Terrax - Bowen Designs

    Players of the Marvel Knights

    • The Punisher - Marvel Icons
    • Gladiator from Bowen Designs
      Gladiator - Bowen Designs

    • Elektra - Bowen Designs
    • DD red
      Daredevil: No arms (2001) - Bowen Designs
    • King!
      The Kingpin - Diamond Select
    • Mephisto
      Mephisto - Bowen Designs
    • Power Man
      Power Man, Luke Cage - Bowen Designs

    • Rawhide Kid - Bowen Designs

    Ultimate Marvel

    • Ultimate Wolverine
      Ultimate Wolvie - Diamond Select
    • Ultimate Otto
      Ultimate Doc Ock - Diamond Select

    DC and the Justice League of America

    • Shazam - DC Direct

    • Hipolita - DC Direct

    • Blackhand with Bruce Wayne Skull - DC Direct

    • Darkseid

    • Yellow Lantern Sinestro - DC Direct

    • Tomar-Re - Based off GL movie look

    • Guardian - Based off GL movie look
    • with yellow ring
      Sinestro with yellow power ring
    • Lex Luthor
      Lex Luthor (villainous villain)

    • Indigo Lantern - Blackest Night

    • Blue Lantern Saint Walker - Blackest Night

    • Women of DCU Zatanna - DC Direct

    Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

    • I'm a red bumblebee
      Cliff Jumper - Diamond Select
    • my body
      Megatron: Mini Head - Diamond Select

    From the silver screen

    • The Crow
      Crow: City of Angels
    • Marv from the Legends series of Dynamic Forces
      Marv: Sin City -
    • Yellow Bastard
      Yellow Bastard: Sin City
    • Sin City
      Yellow Bastard (Bloody): Sin City - Dyanmic Forces
    • Call me bruce
      Silk Spectre - The Watchmen

    • Nite-Owl - The Watchmen

    Various and assorted

    • Jannissa

    • Conan - With Sword

    • Sophia's Stalker - The Walking Dead

    • Daryl - The Walking Dead

    • Half Zombie - The Walking Dead

    • The Walking Dead 'Tank' Zombie
    • Hammer
      Hammer - Bowen Designs

    • Kull - The Savage Sword Collection
    • Sergio Aragonés
      Sergio Aragonés' Groo: Cheese Dip?
    • lady death head
      Lady Death: Ornament - CS Moore
    • come again
      Apu - Sideshow Collectibles
    • I love Migg
      Moe - Sideshow Collectibles
    • release the hounds
      Mr Burns - Sideshow Collectibles
    • Ay, caramba
      Bart - Sideshow Collectibles

    • Lisa - Sideshow Collectibles

    • Marge - Sideshow Collectibles
    • ripped!
      Willie - Sideshow Collectibles
    • bubba ho-tep
      Man with the Screaming Brain
    • Mr Monster
      Mr Monster - Bowen Designs

    Mega big full-sized busts

    • shine on, shine on
      Dr. Doom 'Alex Ross'- Diamond Select
    • I love purple
      The Phantom (with light up eyes)

    Sets and groups

    Grendel 3-pack

    I like toys
    Aurora & Northstar 2-Pack; Alpha Flight

    The Fantastic Four

    Ultimate Fantastic Four quartet

    Captain Marvel x 3
    Captain Marvel operatic trio

    from the only real Cliffhanger! series
    Duets: Alex Elder and Scarlet X

    Red and Green Phoenix: Two Pack

    Flash and Ming
    Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless


    Legends of colours and boxes

    Coloured boxes denote the manufacturers and design studios behind each bust.

    From the hands of Bowen Designs

    Marvel Select

    Diamond Select Toys

    Direct from DC Direct

    Gentle Giant

    See more with Clayburn Moore Studios

    Others such as Aspen, Hard Hero and Upper Deck to name a few



    Photos and images taken were current at time of press. Additions/reorders within the last month are marked with a solid blue border.

    Please call in store on (02) 9601 2622 for up-to-date listings.

    Last updated: Thursday, September 4, 2014

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