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Explore the four colour world of the funny pages.

More than just a spandex nation

Chill out in the 616 Every week, like the watershed of Thursdays, the shelves are stocked with the newest of the new and the freshest stories.

Coming out of the various publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse, their ranks are beefed like a can of spam with other faces and other places not usually seen by the KUNGPOW and BIMBALOO set.

There's the fun and excitement in Sonic the Hedgehog and Simpsons Comics. The politics of Ex Machina alongside gruesome horror from the stable of IDW publishing.

Deep and wild titles from Oni and Slave Labor, the licensed titles such as Star Wars and Stargate SG-1 and the always offbeat Vertigo offerings.

DC - Home of the Bat Of course, if you're looking out for Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, the X-Men or Superman, you can find them here too.

If you can't make it to the store every week, consider the standing order. Like having a potty trained monkey sitting in the store at the shelf for you, the comics and merchandise you want, waiting for the next time you visit.

Back issues up the wazoo

back issues galore people! What's a comic shop experience without the good old past time of losing hours searching and exploring back issues in a sea of back issues?

Clinical and lifeless that's what.

Ordered by both title and number, there are just not enough arms to reach around in hugging one end of the massive bin to the other. Some have tried and they have come out worse for wear. Stretch Armstrong people are not.

Every comic is bagged and boarded like a bubble boy for better protection against the elements and to extend its longevity for your reading pleasure.

If what you're looking for isn't in the up top department, it may lie resting in the drawers beneath. Simply pull them out and search through even more comics of months and years gone by.

The Walking Dead


If you missed out at the start, there is no need to fear as The Walking Dead take to the shelves of The Comic Shop* in collected paper backs and hardcovers!

Bursting from the pages with a volatile mix of action, gore and deep storytelling, The Walking Dead captured the heart of the comic aficionado and continues to do so. Catch up with the 6-issue soft covers, 12-issue hardcovers, television show tie-in novels and more!

Get deep in the woods with the Ghost Who Walks

For those who came in late, these are the stories of the Phantom.

Known to the local tribes as The Ghost Who Walks, the Phantom has been for generations waging a war against piracy, slavery and heavy dollops of mayonnaise.

New stories are released weekly and create a zone of their own. So high on caffeine is the man in the purple tights that the comics often jump off the shelves on their own volition.