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Statues from Marvel, DC and various comics and films

Hold that pose and strut like the wind

Statues without certain limitations

Breaking the wind, Silver Surfer Frozen in time, full bodied figures sport more than busts often do. Extremities such as arms and legs for instance. Not to mention ankles and elbows that come with such limbs.

Looking yonder through their eyes, contemplating the rippling muscles of their physiques. Crushing gravel underfoot and not moving one single centimetre.

Strutting like there's no tomorrow.

Perhaps because in their case, tomorrow, today and yesterday are all in the same. Never moving from one location to the next.

A moment in time captured. For display, marvel and appreciation.

Peruse the gallery of statues

For bodies head to toe courtesy of Bowen Designs, Moore Creations, DC Direct, Marvel Select and more.

Statues in the gallery

Head to toe and back up again

With arms and legs, statues are the full body flavour. Caught in a sling with the motion of the ocean raging through the air, or just standing ready like guards on the North/South Korean border, they're the whole deal. And sometimes, even more.

(Photos below are only a sampling of the line up in store.)

Recent additions to the statues gallery

  • Thanos by Kotobukiya

  • The Flash by Francis Manapul

  • Punisher - Sideshow Collectibles

  • Killer Frost Bombshells

  • Joker by Frank Miller B + W

  • Harley Quinn B + W

  • Deathstroke Icons

  • The Joker - Iron Studios

  • Harley Quinn - Iron Studios

  • Captain America - Iron Studios

  • Wonder Woman - Bruce Timm Art Of War

  • Lex Luthor - DC Icons

  • Superman - From Batman V Superman

  • Batman Black and White - by Carline Infantino

  • Robin Black and White - Carline Infantino

  • Black Panther - Kotobukiya

  • Harley Quinn - Diamond

  • Hellboy - Mondo

  • Harley Quinn - Ikon Collectibles

  • Batman B + W - Joker by Jim Lee

  • Catwoman - DC Icons

  • Joker and Harley - DC Bombshells

  • Wonder Woman Holiday Statue

  • Batman Black and White - by Bryan Hitch

  • Batgirl - Batman Black and White

  • Superman by John Romita Jr.

  • Mera - DC Bombshells

  • Wonder Woman - Tony Daniel

  • Batman B+W by Dave Johnson

  • Superman by Gary Frank

  • Wonder Woman by Cliff Chiang

  • Gentle Giant Iron Patriot

  • Mera - Cover Girls of the DCU

Earth's Mightiest Avengers & Villians

  • Iron Patriot - Bowen Designs

  • Tigra - Bowen Designs
  • Horsie?
    Black Knight - Bowen Designs

  • Destroyer - Bowen Designs
  • take me out why don't ya?
    Hawkeye - Hard Hero

  • Crimson Dynamo - Website Exclusive

Busting Out With The Gamma Bomb Crew

  • Doc Sampson - Bowen Designs
  • Grey
    Grey Hulk: Transforming - Applause

Fantasitc Four & Foes

  • eat seaweed
    Annihilus - Bowen Designs
  • eat seaweed
    Namor: Classic - Bowen Designs
  • Thing mini statue from Bowen Designs
    Thing (Mini statue) - Bowen Designs

Marvel Knights

  • Punisher First Appearance - Bowen Designs

  • Punisher Origins

  • Punisher - Marvel Collections
  • hoary
    Dr Strange: Marvel Milestones - Diamond Select
  • t-800
    Deathlok- Bowen Designs
  • check those abs
    Elektra - Marvel Classics

Marvel Universe

  • Captain Marvel - Website Exclusive

  • Ms Marvel - 70's Costume

  • Madelyne Pryor - Bowen Designs

  • Gladiator - Bowen Designs

  • Nick Fury - Sideshow Collectibles

  • Destroyer - Bowen Designs
  • I'm no lantern!
    Nova - Bowen Designs
  • surfing
    Silver Surfer: Mini Statue - Bowen Designs

  • Dracula - Bowen Designs

Spider-Man & Friends


Astonishing X-Men & Enemies

  • I like Magneto
    Quicksilver 'Green version'- Bowen Designs

  • Jokasta - Bowen Designs

  • Classic Marvel Girl - Bowen Designs

  • Warpath - Bowen Designs

  • Cyclops - Kotobukiya

  • White Queen Clear Version

  • Thunderbird - Bowen Designs

  • Jean Grey - Bowen Designs

  • Ultimate Sabretooth - Bowen Designs
  • Hellfire Club
    Jean Grey: Black Queen - Bowen Designs
  • Bamf!
    Night Crawler: Mini Statue - Bowen Designs

  • X-Force Diorama - Sideshow Collectibles
  • Quicksilver from Bowen
    Quicksilver - Diamond Select

  • Wolverine: Marvel Zombies - Diamond Select


  • Superman - Designed by Frank Quitely
  • me am hungry
    Bizarro: Animated Maquette - DC Direct
  • oh say can you see...
    And the Star Spangled Banner
  • check out my S!
    Superman: Cover to cover #1

  • Faora - Man Of Steel

Gotham Underground

  • Batman Black & White - Sean Murphy

  • Batman Black and White - Jae Lee

  • Gary Frank - Batman Black and White

  • Arkham Origin - Batman Black and White

  • Batman Black And White - Mike Allred

  • Cliff Chiang Batman - Black And White

  • Batgirl Vs Catwoman

DC Universe

  • Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes

  • Wonder Woman - DC Dynamic

  • Supergirl - Turner

  • Supergirl - DC Dynamic

  • Before Watchmen: Mr Manhatten

  • Before Watchmen: Comedian

  • Batman Black & White: Sam Kieth
  • Hal Jordan & the gang
    Green Lantern Legacies - 3-part statue
  • stick this up ya!
    Kingdom Come: Gog - DC Direct
  • Spectre on tombstone
    Spectre - DC Direct

Various figures from across the spectrum of horror, movies and comics

  • Conan - Frazetta

  • Death Dealer - Bowen Designs

  • The Maxx - CS Moore Studio

  • Witchblade - CS Moore Studio
  • where's Frazetta?
    Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer Mini Statue - Randy Bowen
  • Hellboy Animated
    Hellboy Animated
  • care for dance?
    Nancy: Frank Miller's Sin City
  • Hmmm... Nixon
    Nixon: Frank Miller's
  • I've fallen down the well
    Timmy: Pitt - CS Moore Studio
  • I need a man
    Arcee: TF GEN1 - Diamond Select
  • my colour is cool
    Paradroc Medic: TF - Diamond Select

Set collections

New Avengers set from Diamond Select
New Avengers 7-piece set featuring from left to right; Sentry, Luke Cage, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-man, Wolverine & Spider-Woman - Diamond Select.

ow! my hand!
Classic Era X-Men: 6-piece set featuring Beast, Angel, Cyclops, Magneto, Marvel Girl and Iceman.

Arrgh double Cykes!
Cyclops double shot: Pair of retro/classic and modern mini statues by Bowen Designs

Young Justice


The Legend and the team colours, so to speak

From the hands of Bowen Designs

Marvel Select

Diamond Select Toys

Direct from DC Direct

Smashing out from Hard Hero

Gentle Giant

See more with Clayburn Moore Studios

Others such as Aspen, Hard Hero and Upper Deck to name a few



Photos and images taken were current at time of press. Additions/reorders within the last month or so are marked with a solid blue border.

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