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Standing orders at the Comic Shop

The bedrock of any comic shop, and a solid pillar of the Comic Shop, the standing order is for when you're a little busy with life and other commitments and can't come into the store on a weekly basis. Setting up a new account is quick and easy. Just tell us which comics to put aside and the next time you visit the store, they'll be there waiting for you on the counter.

Hassle free and convenient, it makes getting that comic you want a sure fire hit so that you don't end up lying in the gutters cursing the skies you were one day off the mark.

Conditions apply. Please enquire with staff in store.

Mail order service at the Comic Shop

Available, though it's best to enquire about the exact details pertaining to this method of heart strapping. Not that it involves anything the likes of which will have your pixellated mug on national television, newspapers and internet sites. (Hey, we're not Immigration or the federal police, so who's to say what would happen if you place an order for a spouse from the Soviet?).

Anything you can buy in store, you can buy through mail order. All comics delivered are bagged and boarded.

If interested in the mail order service from the Comic Shop, please enquire with the staff in store or over the phone.

Conditions apply. Please enquire with staff in store.

All services are absolutely free of charge*

*Free does not extend to postage of items.